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Enterprise Sustainability and Cash

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Enterprise Sustainability – Cash and Context The COVID pandemic impact hit hard and fast. Before the government could roll out supportive mechanisms in response to the pandemic, many businesses simply ran out of cash along with options that could have kept their doors open. No one could have fully foreseen COVID-19’s economic impacts, but many …

Nonprofit Leadership in Times of Crisis

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Nonprofit organizations can be particularly hard-hit by unforeseen crises. In most instances, they face these challenges with lower financial reserves than most – reserves that could help them weather the storm were they more substantial. As supporters and contributors contend with personal and business concerns of their own, fundraising efforts languish and donations drop. As …

Understanding Key SaaS Metrics to Get Funded, Part II

Key SaaS Metrics | vcfo

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Peter Drucker Part I of this post covered the first four metrics that are the macro drivers of valuation, including ARR, Bookings, the Cash Conversion Score, and the Rule of 40. Part II covers additional metrics that provide powerful insights derived from measuring SaaS unit economics. Here are …

Can’t Get No SaaSifaction? Essential SaaS Metrics For Funding, Part I

Essential SaaS KPI Metrics For Funding

“If you don’t know your numbers, then you don’t know your business.”  -Marcus Lemonis There are many reasons that SaaS software companies fail, including lack of product and/or market fit, an inadequate sales organization, and a lack of capital. Don’t be one of them. This two-part series is for SaaS executives who want to understand …

Diversity and the Bottom Line

Why CFOs Should Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In my conversations with many C-suite executives, I have observed that diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are often approached by organizations and the leaders within them as a “feel-good” initiative – the right thing to do. Diversity is so much more than that. The tenets of diversity …

Ellen Wood, vcfo President & CEO, Published in Texas CEO Magazine

Texas CEO Magazine

How does an economic development plan created almost 20 years ago still inform the city of Austin’s success? Click here to read the latest edition of Texas CEO Magazine for more from Ellen Wood, vcfo’s President & CEO.

Understanding and Applying the Changes to COBRA and FFCRA

This article is co-authored by Chris Hysinger, Consulting CFO, and Kelly Wells, Senior HR Consultant. The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) became effective on April 1, 2021 and extended federal reimbursement provisions that were put in place by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. Included among ARPA’s many provisions were significant updates to …

vcfo President & CEO Ellen Wood Featured in Wall Street Journal

Changing work environments are a “…brand new competitive element.” Ellen Wood, vcfo President & CEO, was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. Read the article, As Amazon, McDonald’s Raise Wages, Small Businesses Struggle to Keep Up, here.

Across the Silicon Plains

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Houston’s Innovation Economy is a Go for Launch! Historically, Houston has not gotten much respect as a hub for innovation. Having styled itself as the “energy capital of the world”, most people still associate its economy with the extraction and processing of hydrocarbons, an industry very much seen as one that will wane (albeit not …

Navigate From Crisis to Prosperity

This post is co-authored by Ashford Chancelor, Dallas Practice Manager & Consulting CFO with vcfo, and James Savage, CEO at Kingsbrae Global, a corporate brand reputation and communications firm based in Dallas. How Businesses Can Navigate Crisis to a Path of Prosperity In a previous blog, we wrote about the four historical cycles, described in …