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Adopting a Strategic HR Focus at Year-end


Like most organizational functions, Human Resources entails a variety of deadlines and milestones for initiatives and actions throughout the year. Naturally, the year-end period is no different. But for some leaders, a focus on checking tactical HR items off the list during this time can mean insufficient attention paid to charting the broader strategic direction …

HR Pitfalls of Mergers and Acquisitions


Five HR Pitfalls to Avoid After a Merger or Acquisition In a previous post, we examined the important topic of The Roles HR Can Play During Merger and Acquisition. When effectively leveraged, HR instills confidence and calm in leaders and employees that all bases are covered in this time of transition. But HR’s role doesn’t …

The Rise and Impact of Paid-Sick-Leave Laws

Paid Sick Leave Laws

By Teresa Foltz and Kelly Wells Originally published August 5, 2019. Paid-sick-leave mandates for private employers continue to gain momentum across the United States. While there is presently no such mandate at the federal level, eleven states and even more individual cities (as of the date this post was published) have enacted some form of …