Virtual CFO History at a Glance

vcfo is a unique professional services firm, offering a customized team model to assist companies with financial, recruiting and human resources needs. We strengthen companies by using a custom approach to create an optimal, flexible team of highly trained vcfo employees to address your particular requirements. You access the right level of expertise and you pay only for the time you need.

As trusted advisors to the CEO and management team, vcfo relies on a unique platform, industry best practices and proven methodologies to help solve the most complex operational business issues. When you work with vcfo, your business receives more than the knowledge of one professional – you harness the expertise of the entire vcfo team. vcfo has supported more than 5,000 clients nationwide with consultants in Austin, Dallas, Denver, and Houston.

Corporate Teams:

  • Ellen Wood, CEO
  • Darrell Tesmer, Chief Compliance Officer and Executive Vice President
  • Mike Wilfley, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President
  • Sally Newsome-Bustamante, Director of Human Resources
  • Cristina Silingardi, Vice President
  • Donna Zinsmeyer, Operations Director
  • Lisa Bebee, Marketing Director

Regional Points of Contact:

  • Carter Freeman, Vice President, Western Region
  • Ashford Chancelor, Practice Manager & Consulting CFO, Dallas
  • Dustin Williamson, Managing Director, Houston

Key Milestones: