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Webinar: The Business Case for Rehabilitated Retention Strategies

The Business Case for Rehabilitated Retention Strategies | vcfo Webinar

Recruiting, retention, and rewards programs… it’s all many executive leadership teams can think during this period now dubbed ‘The Great Resignation’. But what can you actually do about it to set your business up for success? While employee retention is very much people-focused, the right strategy for your business must be a combination of both …

Oil & Gas Labor Shortages

Oil & Gas Labor Shortages | vcfo

Overcoming Labor Shortages in the Oil and Gas Industry The U.S. oil and gas industry has remained resilient through continued market volatility and tough-to-predict booms and busts – even through the compounding wake of COVID and other recent market disruptions. From 2014-2019, swings in oil prices negatively impacted more than 3,000 exploration, production, and oilfield …