Isolux Ingenieria USA

“vcfo was brought in to assist Isolux Ingenieria USA in the early start-up days. As the CEO, I was very impressed by their substantive skills and their ability to work with a diverse group of people spread across various offices and countries. Although they were an outsourced function they became a part of our leadership… Read more “Isolux Ingenieria USA”

M. Max Yzaguirre, CEO, Chairman
The Yzaguirre Group, LLC, Isolux Ingenieria

A clean-technology company in Colorado

vcfo has been an invaluable CFO consulting resource for our early-stage, privately held company. Initially, they were charged with developing strong financial and forecast reporting and processes, tax filings and preparing us for our initial annual financial audit with a Big 4 firm. Since 2007, vcfo has worked with us providing exemplary financial leadership across… Read more “A clean-technology company in Colorado”

Teton Aviation Group, LLC

“Teton Aviation Group, LLC engaged vcfo in late 2011 to assist with financial analysis, establish key financial indicators for our company and provide guidance in our international expansion efforts. Early in our engagement with vcfo, our company had an unexpected opportunity to sell a large portion of our business to a strategic buyer. Since we… Read more “Teton Aviation Group, LLC”

Glenn and Joe Hertzler
Teton Aviation Group, LLC

Formotus Inc.

“Formotus has used vcfo as our virtual finance department since 2007. vcfo offers Formotus the flexibility to have the resources available for bookkeeping, financial reporting and general oversight of Formotus’ financials on an as-needed basis. vcfo provides us the expert skills we need to run our business without the fixed costs of a CFO, controller… Read more “Formotus Inc.”

Adriana Neagu, Co-Founder/CEO
Formotus Inc.

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