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Finance Year-End

As Year-end Approaches, Finish Strong and Focus Forward As CEOs and other leaders come to grips with the reality of another year quickly coming to a close, many simultaneously recognize that it is a vital time to take stock of what needs to be done to strengthen one’s business and get it to where we …

Adopting a Strategic HR Focus at Year-end


Like most organizational functions, Human Resources entails a variety of deadlines and milestones for initiatives and actions throughout the year. Naturally, the year-end period is no different. But for some leaders, a focus on checking tactical HR items off the list during this time can mean insufficient attention paid to charting the broader strategic direction …

Year-End Actions and Assesment for Recruiting and Staffing

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Year-end recruiting and staffing actions typically involve less of the mandated reporting and administrative activities that are common hallmarks of other functions like finance and accounting. Even so, CEOs and those concerned with attracting, landing, and retaining key talent for an organization should view it with the same level of importance. Below, we dive into …