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Can’t Get No SaaSifaction? Essential SaaS Metrics For Funding, Part I

Essential SaaS KPI Metrics For Funding

“If you don’t know your numbers, then you don’t know your business.”  -Marcus Lemonis There are many reasons that SaaS software companies fail, including lack of product and/or market fit, an inadequate sales organization, and a lack of capital. Don’t be one of them. This two-part series is for SaaS executives who want to understand …

Churning out Profits in a SaaS company to fuel Growth…which KPI to focus on

“Churning” is probably not the best choice of words in the title of this article, since it can have negative connotations in any business – especially a recurring revenue model.  However, I do want to draw attention to the concept of churn – the rate of client termination – because it: Is an essential element …