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Our firm has traditionally had two people in the accounting department, but with the uncertain economy in recent years, we decided to move to a new paradigm. Now we have one full-time Bookkeeper with part-time senior-level support from vcfo. It’s been a great collaboration. vcfo has provided a level of expertise that is immensely valuable, but something we could not afford on a full-time basis. Our virtual CFO brings years of experience in diverse financial reporting challenges and gives us the support to make critical decisions with the confidence that we are well informed.

vcfo has helped us refine and strengthen key aspects of our financial function. We have streamlined payroll to free up time for our Bookkeeper to cover other needs. We are transitioning to a new software package with the confidence of having someone on our team that has helped other firms through similar efforts and we have refined our project reporting to ensure firm leadership gets just the right information they need to run the business. All this while the wheels of the operation continue to churn.

I highly recommend vcfo for CFO consulting and financial management solutions.

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