Think Tank

Think Tank is a cloud based Digital Engagement system designed for leaders and business transformation teams to automate and accelerate time-to-value on mission critical enterprise technology deployments or process change initiatives.

The Challenge
Think Tank approached vcfo in need of a controller with high EQ to fit with the entrepreneurial environment.  Time was a limited factor as the company was growing exponentially and unable to conduct their search over the standard period of three months. The staffing structure also presented a unique challenge. Hiring a controller would make their team too top heavy, as they were still building their team and department.

The Solution
Under the leadership of vcfo’s managing director, Carter Freeman, our team examined Think Tank’s needs thoroughly, getting to know and understand the company’s unique culture. We also researched other Denver area businesses with potential candidates sitting in experienced roles that could fulfill the role. In the short runway for time, we found a high performing assistant controller willing to take on the responsibilities of the role with promise of promotion as the business grew. Sure enough, that assistant controller has since been promoted to senior controller at Think Tank.

The Think Tank solution shows having the right people in the right roles is critical for being able to grow.

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