“I have been very pleased with our vcfo Staff Accounting Consultant over the past year. In addition to ensuring that all financial statements were accurate, she was specifically tasked with cleaning up the balance sheet, reviewing current supporting schedules for accuracy and creating new schedules as necessary. I valued her expertise in our QuickBooks Online software and her experience with payroll and sales tax return preparation and payroll preparation and maintenance.

In the initial phase of cleaning up the balance sheet line items, she also created efficiencies in the process, which saved us money. She identified and implemented changes to procedures to take advantage of best practices for the software, as well as customized reports that contributed to efficiencies in creating the monthly board financial package. Another important function she performed was providing a measure of internal control by taking responsibility for the reconciliation of all bank and credit card statements. vcfo’s Staff Accounting Consultant completed our month-end close in an extremely efficient manner, which is something I would not have been able to do because of daily interruptions and attention required for other matters. I valued being able to discuss best practices for various accounting treatments. More than once, she identified an area of concern, and if necessary, she would reach out to a vcfo controller or CFO for additional information or expertise. As the initial phase of her engagement was completed, in addition to monthly close activities, she was able to take on several special projects that freed up additional time for me.”

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