Wind Energy Transmission of Texas (WETT)

“Initially WETT had no local presence with Board members and shareholders located in Canada, Spain and the northeast US. We brought in vcfo CFO and HR consultants during the initial company start-up in 2009 to assist in establishing that local presence. They took the lead in physically setting up our office, from identifying the office space to helping with the IT set up. vcfo helped establish and administer benefit plans, created employee policies and practices, set up and processed payroll, provided compensation program recommendations and developed onboarding and performance management systems. As the permanent WETT team was developed, vcfo worked on-site with our teams to organize the financial policies and controls, select tax advisors and auditors and open bank accounts, among other crucial details needed for any new business. Even though we are now at full-staff, they continue to provide ongoing HR and financial support as they have since the company opened and are an invaluable resource for us as we’ve grown the business.”

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