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Remote Work Practices for Regional, Int’l. Employees

woman working from home

This post was co-authored by Teresa Foltz, Senior HR Consultant with vcfo, and Amy Beckstead, Employment Attorney at Beckstead Terry, PLLC. Remote Work Rockets Into Hyperdrive The onset of COVID-19 pushed the already accelerating rocket of remote work into hyperdrive. The technology and framework for successful remote work models were in place but refined further …

Adapting to Remote and Hybrid Work Models

Video conference call in a work from home environment.

Adapting to the Remote and Hybrid Work Revolution Revolution signifies a radical and pervasive change, especially one made suddenly. With remote and hybrid work models, the 2020 global pandemic burst open the gates for these already rapidly growing business practices. The good news is that the pandemic’s near-immediate impact meant that most organizations that hadn’t …