Your Company’s Success Depends on Hiring Great People

Attracting The Best Talent in a Labor Tight Market

Part I: It All Starts With The Job Description Know the 6 Key Parts of a Job Description

1. JOB TITLE – Keep it simple and searchable.  It might be tempting to come up with a creative title for the position, but doing that only ensures that job seekers using title searches for a job like that won’t be able to find your role.  Keep the title as accurate and clear as possible, including level of the role so you don’t spend a lot of time sorting thru candidates that are not qualified.

2. WHY JOIN US? – This is where you connect with the candidates and make your best sales pitch on why they should join your company.  Describe your culture, team dynamics, structure, and the benefits and opportunities of working for your company.  Keep it concise, and really drive home the reasons they should consider working here.  When we ask candidates what they are looking for in their next role, culture of the company is consistently one of the top answers.  Consider including your mission, vision & values here.  After reading this section, candidates should have a very clear understanding of what it’s like to work for you.

3. WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR – Use this section to describe the traits and capabilities that your ideal candidate will possess.  Think of this as critical performance objectives, not a laundry list of skills.  “As Corporate Controller, you’ll work closely with our CFO, and lead our team responsible for accounting and operational financial functions.  In addition, you’ll work closely with our FP&A group to assist in preparing analysis and materials to support our business operating decisions, capital investment decisions, and interactions with our CEO and Board of Directors.”  Next, describe the skills and experience needed for this role.  List the qualifications, but don’t make this an extensive laundry list.

4. DESCRIBE THE IMPACT – Work closely with the hiring manager to develop a value proposition on why this is a better job for someone than the same job at a competitor’s firm. Use action verbs to clearly express the impact of each task.  “Be a critical part of a small, talented management team that works on impactful projects that are essential to our success.  As an early member of our firm’s leadership group, you’ll have the unique opportunity to build critical department processes and company infrastructure while shaping the department, the team, and direction of the company” This is also where you might want to fully disclose any drawbacks of the role like travel or working independently.  This will weed out any candidates that this is not a fit for.

5. WORDING, WORDING, WORDING – Be strategic with your word choices. “You will have the opportunity to work on cutting edge projects” is much more appealing than “The successful candidate will be required to run projects independently”.   Also, keep in mind that gender-neutral words get a higher response rate than job descriptions with gender biased wording. Stay away from words like “Strong, Competitive, Assertive”, or “Nurturing, Polite, Kind”.

6. MAKE IT EASY FOR CANDIDATES TO APPLY – Ideally, you will have a “apply now” capability rather than listing some separate website candidates must navigate to.  Keep the application process simple.  Candidates will drop off halfway thru the process if your application is long or includes questionnaires.  Give the process a test run yourself.  Make sure it is a quick and effortless process that highlights your company’s culture.

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