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Top 10 vcfo Articles of 2023

Top 10 vcfo Articles of 2023 | vcfo

As we step into 2024, here’s a look back at some of last year’s most popular blogs from our expert finance, accounting, and HR consultants:

  • Five Key Aspects of Accountability in Business

    Authored by Rainee Busby, Certified EOS Implementer® and Franchisee with EOS Worldwide

    • In this post, we examine the importance and challenges of embracing accountability in a business and weaving it into one’s culture. Consistent use of systems like EOS Worldwide is key to establish a lasting culture of accountability.
  • Compensation Strategy and Philosophy Best Practices

    Authored by Jeanine Pollard, Senior People Operations / HR Consultant – vcfo

    • A sound compensation strategy, aligned with a company’s values and market position, is essential for business success. The right strategy will include various pay components, regular evaluation, effective communication, and the ability to make adjustments based on market data.
  • Building Blocks of Business Valuation

    Authored by Dustin Williamson, Managing Director – vcfo Houston

  • The Strategic Power of Debt as Financial Leverage

    Authored by Dennis Marshall, Consulting CFO – vcfo

  • Quality of Earnings Reports Impact Valuation

    Authored by Joe Williams, Consulting CFO – vcfo

    • A quality of earnings report is vital in acquisitions, offering in-depth analysis of a company’s financial health. Make the details of due diligence work for you, not against you.

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  • Navigating the Future of Work

    Authored by Renee Randolph, Senior People Operations / HR Consultant – vcfo

    • Just as no one could have predicted the disruptions of the past decade, no one can predict with absolute certainty what the future of work will look like. Emerging trends and technologies give us an indication of how to think about and prepare for that future. Is your business ready for it?
  • Cash & Capital Structure

    Authored by Ashford Chancelor, Practice Manager & Consulting CFO – vcfo Dallas

    • Reflecting confidence and forming ambitious goals for growth are great, so long as you also recognize that downturns are inevitable and be prepared for them. Sound, strategic decisions and effective capital structure inject liquidity and flexibility into your balance sheet and put you in the best possible position to mitigate cash constraints and drive business growth.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Practices

    Authored by Elbert Johnson, Consulting CFO – vcfo

    • Increases in money laundering activity in recent years and corresponding pressures to prevent it are having unintended impacts on lawful businesses. Every business owner and executive should understand money laundering’s prevalence, know which businesses are more susceptible to money laundering issues, and effectively assess where policies and practices need to be shored up in their operations. This post outlines what you need to know.
  • R&D Tax Credit Qualification for Businesses

    Authored by Sharon Foster, Consulting CFO – vcfo

    • Changes in recent years have expanded the availability of the R&D Tax Credit to a broader audience. Here, we look at how to determine eligibility, examples of companies that navigated the process, and what’s required for businesses to capitalize on these credits.
  • SMB & Startup Business in Aerospace & Defense

    Authored by Carter Freeman, Vice President – vcfo Western Region


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