Immigration Services

Finding candidates with the right skill set is difficult and time consuming. vcfo and Azarmehr Law Group (ALG) provide you with a unique blend of recruiting, immigration and human resource services to assist with hiring and on-boarding qualified foreign candidates. We offer global, full-service immigration support for companies looking to hire foreign nationals, including recruiting international talent, creating an offer package, processing visas and other immigration matters, ensuring legal compliance and providing human resources support. We manage the process so your focus is on your business.

  • Recruiting Services
    • We leverage our expansive network to identify international candidates and work with you to narrow your selection. Once the top candidates are identified, we manage the vetting and offer process and coordinate HR and immigration efforts to begin working on visas.
  • Integration Services
  • Companies often attain talent as a result of a merger or an acquisition. We guide you through the integration and management of foreign nationals employed through an M&A transaction.
  • Immigration Services
    • We assess your skilled employee needs, provide you options for employing foreign nationals and navigate the visa process. Tracking deadlines and compliance, we maintain and manage the database of your foreign national employees.
  • Human Resources Services
    • Dedicated HR support is necessary to obtain legal authorization to work in the US (visas) and ensure compliance with the Department of Labor and the Department of Homeland Security requirements. We provide the end-to-end HR support you need and partner with your department leads to comply accordingly.
  • Legislative Liaison
    • Companies need to be aware of important legal and legislative issues that can impact their international hiring or the status of their current foreign national employees. We stay abreast of these issues and notify you of any changes that may affect your employees or hiring process.