Success Stories

Improving Bottom Line Through Employee Engagement

A family owned and operated company specializing in plumbing, heating, and electric services needed assistance selecting, developing and retaining top service technicians. vcfo had been providing the company with CFO services for many years, and the company requested additional human resources expertise to develop a strategy to advance productivity, reduce turnover and improve overall employee engagement, which in turn, would increase the bottom line.

A Senior Human Resources Consultant helped the company develop a quantifiable methodology for scoring technicians based on their relative contribution to the business across a multitude of different dimensions, many of which are tied directly to driving business value. The data was then used to compile quarterly development reports for Service Managers to review with the technicians to support their growth and success. Additionally, the HR consultant built a Service Manager compensation incentive program to drive further operational improvements and higher technician scores.

Ultimately, the company was able to convert this data into information to improve problem solving, make more informed business decisions, and reduce legal exposure around employee terminations through an objective score review process. The company and Senior Human Resources Consultant are now analyzing turnover data and scoring trends to design an improved retention strategy. Having seen the overall average technician score increase, the company expects to continue to see improvements in the bottom line.

vhr Supports Growing Company

An established company specializing in consumer products was working through significant company growth. They had increased headcount and revenue to the point where they realized that they needed senior-level assistance with Human Resource programs and processes.

They had staffed up quickly and were concerned about making sure they were paying people correctly and had the right people in the right positions. The company turned to the senior human resources consultants at vcfo for support. vcfo HR consultants came in and started working immediately with the executive team to align the workforce based on strategic company goals. Once they decided on a company-wide structure, we worked with them through compliance matters, talent acquisition initiatives, employee relations, policies and performance management. vcfo helped with all the details, from mapping the organization chart to job descriptions. By leveraging vcfo’s resources the client was able to solve complex organizational goals and operational integration issues in a timely and efficient manner. The client continues to work with vcfo for their Senior Human Resources needs on an ongoing basis.

HR Solutions for Trucking Company

vcfo was retained by the acquirer of a large trucking company to handle due diligence and perform interim CFO, controller and HR duties. Among other things, the company needed to examine their compliance with federal and state employment regulations and ensure overall best human resource practices were in place and properly utilized.

They turned to the vcfo human resources consultants for guidance. vcfo audited their HR operations to confirm that procedures were adequately supporting short-term and long-term company growth and financial objectives and led their executive and HR team’s planning to make and communicate changes impacting employees and the organization. vcfo created new job descriptions, verified pay classifications and salaries complied with federal standards and led them through the implementation with a professional payroll provider. Throughout the process vcfo mentored the client to further develop effective HR programs and overall best practices.

Making Human Resources a Key Differentiator for Business

vcfo helped a company with several HR functions, starting with an assessment that provided actionable information to help the company address specific compliance and corporate filing needs. They also recommended that the company design and implement their own PEO, which saved the company over $125,000 in benefits alone.

vcfo worked with a Texas-based company specializing in renovation and catastrophe restorations services. For years the company managed most human resource needs without a specific HR expert, instead depending on payroll and accounting personnel. The company was not taking advantage of many cost-saving opportunities and also needed to provide a level of employee benefits and resources that would keep them competitive. The CEO and President decided to evaluate outside human resources consulting firms to support their quick growth and brought in vcfo.

vcfo began their engagement with a comprehensive HR audit. This included research of the business, its processes and strategies, interviews with the executive leadership team, an inspection of the corporate office and a review of employee files and forms used by the company. The vcfo team compiled this information into a report for the company on each aspect of the HR function, including key metrics for understanding the impact on those functions. Based on the audit findings, it was clear that there was an opportunity to change the way the company managed health and other key benefits. The vcfo team gathered data to analyze whether the company would be better served by using a Professional Employer Organization instead of their current benefits and payroll solution. Based on their recommendation, the company set up their own PEO, allowing them to control costs, consolidate payroll, provide a more competitive set of employee benefits and meet other business objectives. The result was an immediate cost savings of $125,000 in benefits alone.

Over the course of the partnership, vcfo has revamped the employee benefits program, performed a 401(k) review and update, implemented manager training and a performance management program, selected and implemented a HRIS and provided significant guidance on corporate restructuring.