Establishing a Solid HR Foundation

A solid HR foundation is critical to the success of any business. With interim HR consulting services, we can help companies develop this framework every step of the way. Our experienced vcfo human resources consultants will guide and assist with all employer-related responsibilities so your HR foundation is a solid one you can build your company on.

Here’s a checklist outlining the considerations you should be thinking about for your organization, and expect from HR consulting firms:

  • Compensation – Are you paying your staff competitively? We provide compensation benchmarking and can provide solid data to help you make sure your organization is paying employees in a fair and equitable way.
  • Policies – Are these saving you time and protecting your company? We use templates, tools and vhr best practices to easily establish and administer your policies.
  • Department Set-up – Are your files legally compliant? Do you have a handbook? Do you have the appropriate new hire and ongoing employee records? Are you scalable? Are you in compliance with state and federal employment laws? vhr can step in to ensure your department is set up properly and offering the right HR support.
  • HRIS Selection/Implementation/Migration – How easy is it for you to get reports about your employees? Are your insurance carriers getting information about employment changes on time? Are your payroll taxes getting filed correctly and on time? How many systems are you using to process payroll, manage COBRA, process A/P, collect employee data, handle your EEO-1 reporting, administer your 401k plan and track PTO? We will streamline this process and recommend a proven HRIS system appropriate to the size of your company.
  • PEO Assessments/ Analysis – Interested in co-employment? Would you prefer to completely outsource the HR function? We can help you decide if a Professional Employer Organization is right and cost-effective for you.
  • Regulatory Compliance –  From the set-up of a new company to reorganizing an existing HR department, we provide the necessary expertise and tools to help ensure you are in compliance with local, state and federal laws.