Update as of November 13, 2020:

Faced with making decisions to safely bring our own teams back to work, vcfo developed a reopening plan you can borrow and modify for your own use. Drawing both on our 25 years of experience and review of current recommendations we created an easy to follow, actionable set of steps. This includes an employee COVID-19 screening solution, a template for office reopening policies, workplace safety shopping list with PPE resources, plus links to federal, state, and locally published guidelines and mandates on reopening your business.

Toolkit Items

Employee COVID-19 Screening Solution

QuickScreen™ is a non-intrusive, easy-to-use, screening process that automates the recommended daily employee screening for COVID-19 risk factors. This simple screen test provides employers with a dashboard of all employee scores in realtime to help ensure a safe workplace for all. Click here for more information.


Office Reopening Policies Template

With an abundance of new rules and regulations to consider, knowing where to start when it comes to safely reopening your office may be overwhelming. We’ve created a thorough list of suggested policies for a safe, compliant office space. Click here to view or download.


Workplace Safety Shopping List

In order to properly equip your workplace for a safe return for employees, our team has compiled a shopping list for all of your workplace safety and PPE needs. Click here to view or download.



Federal, State, and Local Reopening Protocols

The vcfo team will always adhere to reopening guidelines at the federal, state, and local levels, and encourage all business leaders to do the same. As such, we’ve compiled a collection of said resources below. These will be updated as additional information becomes available:



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