At vcfo, we are so impressed with QuickScreen™ that we have adopted it AND we have made ourselves a conduit for our clients and friends to use it, as well. We are taking every precaution to create a safe workplace for employees and to advocate for the same for our clients and friends.

QuickScreen is a non-intrusive, easy-to-use, daily screening process for all employees, drawing on the most up-to-date CDC recommendations to screen for early risk factors for COVID-19. It was developed by the medical doctor who has been using similar technology to defeat Sepsis for the past two years. This is a screening test, not a diagnostic test.

Each morning before leaving for work, every employee will be prompted by text to click on a web link to answer a few questions formulated by the CDC (as most recently updated) to assist them in assessing their status.

Within a few seconds, a green, yellow, or red screening indicator will be shown which suggests to the employee their next steps:

Our recommendation is that companies monitor their dashboard of employees each morning and throughout the day and reach out to all employees with a yellow or red status.

We are so impressed with the QuickScreen solution we are including it as part of our Business Recovery and Getting Back to Work toolkit.

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Pricing is simple and extremely affordable

(especially when compared to the alterative of assigning someone these responsibilities to monitor at least daily).

All levels include the following:


• HIPAA Compliant Software.
• An easy to use procedure for your workforce.
• Secure Data Management.
• Software and database tested to 1 million uses per hour by Microsoft recommended 3rd party.
• Designed by doctors and scientists with two year history in other application.


• No new equipment purchases required.
• Installation within 24 hours.
• Zero training required on platform.


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Here is why we are implementing this at vcfo:

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Interested in trying it out?

Sign up using the link below for ONE FREE MONTH before making a longer-term commitment.