Quality of Earnings Report

Strike the Right Price with a Quality of Earnings Report

A Quality of Earnings Report is a critical step in the acquisition journey. Our experienced team will help by:

  • Developing a compelling value narrative
  • Providing unique operational experience and insight
  • Interpreting and optimally positioning operational nuances
  • Proactively identifying and addressing issues impacting valuation

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For a Seller

A Quality of Earnings, (QoE) report, offers a comprehensive and transparent view of your company’s earnings.

This detailed analysis goes beyond standard financial statements highlighting potential risks and opportunities for optimal negotiating points.

By presenting an accurate and credible financial picture, a QoE report provides insights (both good and bad), enhancing the seller’s negotiating position, potentially leading to a more favorable sale outcome.

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For a Buyer

A (QoE) report is invaluable for a potential transaction as it provides a deep dive into the company’s sustainability and quality of the earnings of the acquisition.

A QoE report is a key tool to ensure a transparent, informed acquisition process by minimizing surprises and shining a light on a company’s financial stability and sustainability. A QoE also reveals underlying trends and potential issues not visible on the surface.

This invaluable insight helps the buyer assess the true value and potential risks of the investment, aiding in informed decision-making and effective negotiation.

Don’t Take Our Word For It… Here’s What Customers Are Saying

Cambria Sensors

“Our vcfo CFO swept through, reorganized and rationalized the corporate books, optimized the financial structure of the company and put us on an even keel. She is efficient, friendly and has the long-term benefits of the company in mind. There is an inherent trust we have with vcfo. Our virtual CFO is of sterling worth.”

Douglas Johnson, CEO

ControlPath, Inc.

“Our CFO is a very strong asset to our company. He brings a unique talent to the table every time he steps in to assist our business, whether it is delivering strategic financial advice, maximizing investment opportunities or ensuring we have accurate financials with good operational explanations and related advice. He is a long-term contributor to our business.”

Chris M. Poelma, former CEO

Pinnacle ECS

“vcfo played a critical role in refining our business mode, l including our pricing strategy, both before and after being presented to potential investors. They also played a critical role in assisting our team in transitioning our financial forecast, records policies and practices to a more robust, investor friendly level.”

David Price, CEO


“I have known our contract CFO from vcfo for many years within professional circles. She was a tremendous help to us advising on the integration of foreign acquisitions. She is definitely on the short “go to” list when we have a need.”

Lynn Atchison, CFO


“vcfo has been and continues to be great partner for our organization. At a time when several changes in the organization were being made, vcfo provided guidance as well as stability in the accounting and finance departments. As our relationship has evolved we have leveraged their experience and have them playing a leadership role in all of our executive initiatives. The quality and integrity of their work is something that I have come to depend on.”

Ryan Bennett, CEO

National Trauma Institute

“Making the decision to work with vcfo is one of the best decisions we have made—not only did we receive a far higher level of expertise and quality of service, the costs have been dramatically less than paying our own employee a full-time salary. Further, vcfo made immediate recommendations to lower operating expenses. vcfo is one of the top financial recruiting firms and is our future.”

Sharon Smith, Executive Director

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