Need Help Navigating PPP Evaluation and Navigation?

About vcfo

Ellen Wood
Founder & CEO

When vcfo was founded in 1996, we modeled our business to offer fractional CFO services to clients who required financial advisors they could trust to guide them through major changes. We built a business based on integrity, honest communication, accountability and a dedication to taking exceptional care of our clients. Our commitment to the values that shaped our success has never wavered as our service offerings expanded to include Human Resources and Recruiting Services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

What Our Clients Say

Central Texas Architecture Firm

You were very influential in helping us qualify for the PPP loan, which is a HUGE thank you!! I can’t imagine what would become of us without that loan.

Charter School

As you know, the PPP loans have been an absolute roller coaster with information literally changing overnight. Through it all, Regina has stayed on top of the changes and has been incredibly responsive to the changing whims of our bank and the SBA. I feel a tremendous sense of teamwork with her on this project and wanted to share the good news that not only did our loan get approved, but it got approved without any follow up questions from the bank. The material we provided was spot on and raised no flags for the bank. Amazing!

A Cloud Technology Company

A HUGE thanks to the VCFO team. Thanks for going the extra mile in helping us with our PPP loan! We could not have done this without you. I greatly appreciate your proactive support and attention to detail.