Recruiting: The Last Thing You Want is a Know-it-all

Recruiting is critically important. Anybody can post an ad and review resumes received, but that is only going to bring you the small fraction of candidates who are actively looking. The best candidates are working, possibly for your competitor. Our team does an active search to identify the best, which will usually be a passive candidate, for your position, and then entice them to apply. vcfo is going to do the recruiting work for you and bring you the top candidates whom we have heavily vetted against your requirements and culture.

And I’m certain we’re the most cost-effective solution.

We’ve worked with more than 5,000 business teams in our 25 years, and we’ve developed some areas of real expertise. We have deep domain knowledge and experience in finance and HR positions, and that is where we focus our efforts for our clients. If your business is facing challenges in terms of recruiting senior executives, HR staff, or finance/accounting management, having a little help from experienced consultants might well be worth the investment.

We don’t want you to hire us for your engineering and sales staff. We believe you should work with recruiters who have a deep understanding of the positions they are filling and can appreciate the difference in the person’s real experience and the words on their resume.

Your time is valuable, so vcfo handles the bulk of the work and produces a slate of highly-qualified applicants for you to interview. Please consider requesting a complimentary consultation today from one of our vcfo recruiters. It’s as easy as picking up the phone or filling out the form here.

Nobody Knows It All, And That’s OK

We also don’t know everything, but we have seen a lot over the years, and we can help you think through the tough negotiations that land on your desk. And we bring more to the table than our experience: we have an extensive database of candidates and companies, supported by best-in-class industry tools. We’d love the chance to talk with you, hear your story and concerns, then share our experience and collective wisdom to see how we can help.

Ellen Wood

Chief Executive Officer

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