Deconstructing Gender Bias in Job Descriptions

By Vira Trevino-Garcia, Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter – Recruiting Director

One of the biggest initiatives on the minds of every employer today is achieving gender equality in the workplace. The biases in the hiring process can start before the first candidate even applies. Without realizing it, many times we use language in our job descriptions that is gender coded and this can affect who applies for the position. Using words that have male or female associations can repel or attract candidates based on their gender.

You could be missing out on the most qualified candidates if they are turned off by the language used. Biases can be removed from job descriptions by checking for gender-associated words using free gender decoder tools online, avoiding personal pronouns (he/she etc.), conveying your values and commitment to diversity and equality in your job postings, and highlighting your family-friendly benefits.