“We’ve used vcfo for a host of financial services over the years and they do nothing short of an amazing job. We feel so strongly about the vcfo team that we ask any company we invest in or are involved in to utilize their services.”

Madagascar Oil

“vcfo was instrumental in helping the Company go public on the London AIM exchange.This entailed getting our financial records in compliance with IFRS and working closely with our auditors here in the states and in London. They also played a major role in implementing our new oil and gas E&P software while transitioning from our …


“vcfo helped us navigate setting up a subsidiary in Germany including completion of the complex registration process with multiple taxing authorities. The business and language skills of our contract CFO were invaluable to us in completing the process timely. With her guidance we set up a process to timely file estimated taxes electronically.”

Isolux Ingenieria

“I was very impressed by our vcfo CFO and her approach to her work. She parachuted into our company as a virtual CFO during our start-up phase and was an integral part of achieving our first successful project and implementing the systems that enabled us to grow to over 100 employees within two years. She …

Integra Ventures & Point B Capital

“vcfo represents an affordable and flexible resource to start-up companies. Most emerging technology companies don’t need full scale CFO capabilities, yet they can’t afford costly rookie mistakes with their accounting and capitalization. vcfo provides experienced people and a variable cost structure that fits the age and stage of emerging businesses. We have a great partnership.”


“I have known our contract CFO from vcfo for many years within professional circles. She was a tremendous help to us advising on the integration of foreign acquisitions. She is definitely on the short “go to” list when we have a need.”


“vcfo has helped us out tremendously. From revenue models to financing decks, their work has always been done on time and done well.”

Herd Partners

“In just a few months, our virtual CFO and vcfo made a tremendous impact on the efficiency and productivity of our office. Our CFO helped us with the elimination of redundant job functions, improvement in the speed of key processes through technological upgrades and training, and a complete benefits realignment. All of this has resulted …