Allyship in the Hiring Process

By Vira Trevino-Garcia
As a member of the hiring team, you have a unique opportunity to support and lift members of underrepresented groups from your earliest early contact with them. The recruitment and hiring process is one of the biggest areas where members of these groups are discriminated against and marginalized. Demonstrating your company’s diverse and inclusive environment in the hiring process through the language used in job descriptions, employee videos, and a bias-free interview process can help to attract diverse talent and set the tone for allyship.

Here are a few tips that can develop a culture of inclusivity at the forefront of hiring:

  • Include allies in the recruitment process.
  • Share your company’s diversity journey and milestone achievements with all candidates in the process.
  • Speak up! Look for areas of the recruitment and hiring process that might not feel welcoming and use your position to drive meaningful change in recruiting practices.

With allies involved in the hiring process, the talent you recruit will feel a sense of belonging, connection, and community with your organization.