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Should You Incorporate in Delaware?

image: agreement on Delaware incorporation

Delaware declared its independence from Great Britain on June 15, 1776 and thereby also became independent of Pennsylvania with which it had been connected since 1682. Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and became known as “First State” among the 50 that now comprise the United States of America. Today, Delaware …

Delaware Incorporation: To Flip or Not to Flip? That is the Question

image: VC investors prefer US companies, which is where the Delaware flip shines.

The U.S. share of global venture investment has held steady at around 50% for the past five years. It was 51% in 2020. While this is down from an 84% share in 2004, and 90%+ share throughout the 1990s, high-growth tech companies with global market opportunities and unicorn potential would nonetheless be foolish not to …

Alternatives to Traditional Venture Capital Equity Financing

Business man analyzing data for VC funding

Get Funded While Retaining Control SaaS companies face challenges getting funding from traditional lenders. There are several reasons for this, including lack of positive cash flow and the absence of hard collateral. However, as the SaaS business model has matured and become better understood, an increasing number of institutions are willing to provide alternative, non-equity, …