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virtualCFO, Inc. doing business as vcfo, is a professional services firm that offers a customized team model to assist companies with finance, recruiting and human resources needs. vcfo uses a custom approach to create an optimal, flexible team of highly trained vcfo employees to address your particular requirements. Not only do you get the right level of resource, but you pay only for the time you need it. With vcfo you get the right expertise, experience and execution – every time.

People and services

vcfo offers the following services under its virtualCFO® mark: finance, risk management, business networking and consulting. These services are offered by a team of highly trained vcfo employees including senior financial executives providing part-time, fractional or project-based services. These senior financial executives may previously have held positions such as chief financial officer, vice president or director of finance or accounting, or as a corporate controller, investment or treasury manager. Our senior financial executive staff may be generalists who work with a variety of clients across a number of industries or specialists who are industry experts, transaction specialists, or process or systems consultants meeting specific client needs.

Many businesses and organizations who use our virtualCFO® services consider the firm or person performing the service to be the senior team member they would otherwise hire internally to perform this role as part of their management team.

When and where did virtualCFO® services originate?

virtualCFO® services were first introduced in 1996 by virtualCFO, Inc, now doing business as vcfo in Texas. Since that time, vcfo has performed the services discussed above throughout the United States.

Use of the virtualCFO® trademark

virtualCFO® and vcfo® and various other marks are registered United States and state trademarks of virtualCFO, Inc. and vcfo Holdings, Inc. vcfo does not license the use of its marks, including the virtualCFO® mark, to any third parties or other service providers. Use of the vcfo marks, including the virtualCFO® mark, by third parties to promote similar financial services as set forth herein is prohibited.

More information

More information regarding vcfo can be found at or by writing to:
virtualCFO, Inc.
6836 Austin Center Blvd., Building 1, Suite 280
Austin, Texas 78731
(512) 345-9441


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