Technology Solutions FAQs

There are common questions we get from prospects searching for technology outsourcing solutions or technology consulting firms. We’ve highlighted key questions we think may be helpful to you.

At what stage of our business lifecycle can vcfo’s technology solutions help us?

vcfo has experience as leaders and managers at all phases of the business lifecycle—from start-up to growth to exit strategy execution—and can provide technology assessment, strategy and management services to ensure your technology environment and direction provides value at every stage. As a start-up, it can be difficult to envision the technology strategy that will provide the scalable capabilities to support the company you are growing to be. To address this, vcfo provides a fractional CIO or consulting CIO to guide your technology decisions and lead your organization to achieve the optimal solutions aligned with your business strategy. If your company is in a growth-by-acquisition mode, vcfo’s consulting CIOs are skilled at technology due diligence, integration planning and execution. vcfo ensures that the requirements and costs of upgrading and/or integrating the acquired business are known, managed and produce the greatest business value when completed. In the mature client organization, vcfo provides technology optimization guidance and implementation, improving your efforts in the areas of accelerated reporting, business process and workflow optimization, and technology virtualization, consolidation and mobile delivery.

How does the vcfo technology solutions team turn our technology strategy into measurable business value?

Fundamentally, every technology strategy is a business strategy, requiring thoughtful direction and execution to deliver on the vision and expected results. vcfo’s technology consultants develop programs and projects in collaboration with your business appetite for change and capital, all while ensuring progress is made at a rate of change that your organization can accept. From those programs and projects, the transformation of your technology environment—whether infrastructure- or applications-focused—will deliver strategic business value. Whether you’re seeking to improve the speed to market, accelerate secure information sharing, improve predictive business intelligence and analytics capabilities or optimize internal and external reporting, vcfo can lead and implement your business’ technology strategies.

Is there a particular size of client that vcfo technology solutions can help most?

vcfo’s technology consultants are adept at delivering business value through technology, irrespective of client size.  vcfo works with technology programs and projects that can be local or global in geography, single-user to thousands-of-users populations, infrastructure or applications, and on-site/virtual/co-located in presence.  Like the solutions, vcfo’s capabilities are scalable to meet the need of the client, program or project.

Does your technology solutions team replace an existing IT team or staff?

We are capable and willing to provide on-site, full-time technology resources if that is what the company needs, but more often, we are an addition to the existing technology team in the form of part-time or fractional leadership, project managers or specific technically skilled professionals. For companies with lower-level staff in place who need departmental leadership and guidance, vcfo can provide consulting CIOs or executives to provide the needed vision and direction. Other businesses may want to replace a team member with an outsourced resource or need to consider permanent CIO or skilled solutions. To address these common needs, vcfo provides the professional recruiting and placement services to meet your needs. Where a project need reaches beyond technology  and into the areas of finance, accounting or HR expertise, vcfo’s wealth of consulting CFOs and HR executives are ready to assist and flexible in addressing each company’s requirements.