Technology Solutions

We often find that companies have critical technology initiatives to realize value from data—from implementing or upgrading their financial systems or reporting software, to fulfilling end users’ requests for better and faster information, to driving process improvement and control through automation. However, they often lack the resources or expertise to execute. vcfo provides technology consulting solutions to meet these needs without having to employ full-time headcount. Our scalable solutions are aligned with your business objectives and company growth, and we offer full- or part-time interim and project-based support based on your requirements. Our technology consultants include CTOs, CIOs, directors, program managers, project managers and technically skilled resources who work closely and collaboratively with the CEO, CTO, CFO and other key members of your team to provide an assessment, develop a strategy and implement solutions that will ensure your business operates efficiently, competitively and profitably.

Areas where we can add value include:

  • Assisting fast-growth companies with IT solutions that can scale with their business
  • Developing technology strategy(ies) to support the business objectives and direction
  • ERP consulting and implementing or upgrading ERP systems
  • Providing part-time, high-level technology expertise to smaller businesses
  • Identifying cross-application information needs, architecting system interaction and integrating systems for information visibility
  • Providing technology and information risk assessments
  • Planning for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Assessing security and designing incident management processes
  • Developing and implementing technology governance and control framework
  • Assessing policy and procedure compliance and overseeing gap remediation

The following are representations of the core solutions we provide. We can provide a customized solution after initial discussions:

Strategic and Operational Assessment

Technology risk is everywhere. We can perform assessments of your existing technology infrastructure, processes and internal controls to ensure your data is secure and provides the expected value. We will provide recommendations on technology strategies and enhancements to improve the value your business realizes from its technology efforts and minimize the information risk—recommendations that scale with your business and business objectives. Working closely with our vcfo finance and HR partners, we will make sure all information is risk averse, compliant and properly secured for accessibility by all necessary parties.

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Strategy Development and Implementation

At whatever stage of the business lifecycle your company may be, from a start-up to an enterprise organization, we can collaboratively help you and your team to develop a technology strategy to fit your needs. Developing a business case to support your strategy is essential to the process, and we can partner with you to develop a scalable plan to optimize the appropriate technology and organization design to realize business value from information that you can present to your C-Suite or Board. Our successful, senior-level consultants have performed many roles, from transformational CIO to technology strategists to implementation and program managers. Once the plans are approved, we will implement and integrate the technology.

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Whether an  organization requires more complex business management software, needs assistance implementing core business systems platforms after a merger, or seeks technology architectural design, we provide the project management and integration expertise to execute your business’ technology needs according to a defined technology roadmap, no matter the complexity, so that the return on integration spending provides the planned business value. We assist with all facets of the integration process, from planning and strategy, to program management, to testing and validation, to cloud or on premise.

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Program and Project Management

Implementing new technology solutions requires oversight and persistence. We use proven methodologies to objectively ensure the portfolio of projects individually and collectively provides the expected business value, whether we are the technology implementation partner or not. Our project managers are driven to complete projects on time and on budget, so that you recognize the expected business value from the project.

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