Navigating SBRA — Let Us Be Your Guide.

Bankruptcy reimagined as a strategic ownership retention tool.

Subchapter V of The CARES Act has significantly enhanced small business bankruptcy protection by increasing the maximum debt limit to $7.5 million and vastly simplifying the process and timeline to a maximum of 90 days.
Companies must file before March 27, 2021.

On February 17, 2020, The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) extended advantageous bankruptcy protection provisions of the Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA) to many small businesses. SBRA added a new Subchapter V to the traditional Chapter 11 reorganization provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, designed specifically for qualified small businesses.
As originally released in February, any small business with debts less than $2.7 million is eligible. However, the CARES Act:
increased the QUALIFYING debt limit to $7.5 million
for companies filing through March 27, 2021
enabling many more businesses impacted by COVID-19 to take advantage of this relatively fast and less expensive path.

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  • SBRA is radically different from the usual Chapter 11 process — Mitigates creditor control of your plan, process, and timeline
  • No creditors’ committee to review your plan


  • You, not the creditors, develop and present your plan for approval—all within 90 days of filing
  • Lowers the overall costs of filing and makes it easier to get a plan approved


  • Access an experienced team focused on optimized business recovery with a complete understanding of the SBRA process and how to make it work for you
  • More than 20-year history of helping companies make the right business decisions to weather any storm and come out stronger
  • Rely on one team for plan development, filing, support & recovery


  • Re-evaluate your runway considering available capital, revised planning for 2021 based on the COVID business environment, likelihood of survival
  • Consider SBRA, Subsection V as a strategic option: retain control and ownership of your company, move rapidly out of “crisis mode” to working your plan
  • Work with us to run scenarios, prepare your plan, develop required information, and get you back on track, focusing on the future again

Navigating SBRA—Let Us Be Your Guide.

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