Finance: The Last Thing You Want is a Know-it-all

We’ve worked with more than 5,000 business teams in our 25 years and have developed some areas of real expertise. If your business is struggling to achieve new levels of growth, or you’re beginning to think about how to get a fair valuation for a sale, having the counsel of an experienced, fractional CFO would be a good investment.

Financial expertise, operational excellence and profitability go hand-in-hand; we’re ready to assist with strategic decisions, exploring options and proposing solutions.

If you are struggling with these or similar issues, request a complimentary consultation today from the vcfo team. It’s as easy as picking up the phone or filling out the form here. vcfo brings the wisdom and expertise of all our team members: consultants in finance, human resources, and recruiting, offering up alternative, practical scenarios to address your toughest problems.

Nobody Knows It All, And That’s OK

We don’t have the expertise of our clients and frequently tell them if they weren’t doing what they were doing, we wouldn’t have a job. We have seen a lot over the years, and we can help you think through the tough issues that land on your desk. We bring more to the table than our experience; we also help with introductions to other resources when you need them and serve as a bridge in difficult negotiations with financing sources and suppliers. We’d love the chance to talk with you, hear your story and concerns, and share our experience and collective wisdom to see how we can help.

Ellen Wood

Chief Executive Officer

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