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Human Resources Consulting

Successful businesses today recognize that long-term success is tied to how well you manage your most important asset – your workforce. Unlike many HR consulting firms, we provide completely customized solutions to ensure you reach your business goals. Our services address all functions of your human resources needs, from employee training and development, to policies and procedures, to benefits and compensation. Our human resources consultants are highly experienced and have worked with companies of all sizes and stages. So, whether you need interim HR consulting or turn-key HR outsourcing solutions, our HR services are designed to serve your needs and provide best-practices HR management. At vcfo, we make companies stronger.

Services & Success Stories

Developing a Strong HR Foundation

Are your employees being compensated correctly? Are your policies enforceable, and do they save you time and protect your company’s profits? Have you recently identified areas of risk through an HR assessment? Is your company compliant with federal regulations and audit-ready? To answer these important questions, vcfo’s experienced interim HR consulting team will work with you to develop a strong human resources foundation and ensure your company is compliant with the local, state and federal laws.

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Managing People

In today’s exceedingly competitive business environment, it’s not just about attracting and hiring quality employees; companies must ensure they retain key people. To be successful, organizations must implement best practices in the areas of performance management, employee relations, compensation benchmarking, benefits packaging and a positive company culture. From the board room to the daily tactical work, from start-ups to global enterprises, our HR consultant firm works with your team to align your people for organizational success.

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Regulatory Compliance

To ensure compliance with local, state and federal requirements, businesses must navigate an ever-changing, complex process. There are many rules, laws and acts to consider, with frequent updates and changes. Are you paying people correctly based on the Fair Labor Standards Act? Do you have an Affirmative Action Plan in place? To address the frequently updated rules, laws and acts, vcfo’s HR consultants take the complexity out of human resources compliance by providing practical guidance on how to keep your organization operating legally.

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HR Support for All Company Transitions & Stages

Are you a start-up trying to get your business off the ground and looking for part-time, interim HR consulting? Or are you in a post-transaction phase, merging employees from two separate companies? When businesses undergo change, people are affected. vcfo is one of the few HR outsourcing solutions with the skill, experience, knowledge and tools to help companies effectively and fairly navigate the HR side of changes. You can talk to our HR consultants about any issue, and we'll advise based on our experience, from launching a start-up to preparing for a merger or acquisition.

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Daily Execution

To ensure business goals are met, all areas of the company must be aligned to support the business’ direction and plans, including HR programs. Additionally, ensuring ongoing, effective execution is critical. Our HR management services team is ready to provide complete turn-key execution, offering guidance, leadership and mentoring to your own team to support HR deliverables and, ultimately, the company’s goals. Or, we're available for HR management consulting, any time.