What Our Clients Say

Treehouse Brand Stores

“I can’t believe how wonderful the entire process has been working with the vcfo Controller and CFO. The three of us worked really well together. No doubt it has been a ton of work, but working with them gave me such a better perspective on so many things with the systems at THBS. Their experience, knowledge and suggestions were beyond valuable. When we started the processes, I could not imagine how in the world they would be able to grasp the complexity of our system integration and all of the trials that we’ve faced over the past two years. But, in no time they were both up to speed and able to make suggestions and implement strategies to get everything audit-ready.”

Doni Files, Director of Finance
Treehouse Brand Stores

Scott’s Liquid Gold, Inc.

“At our moment of transition and change in our senior financial leadership, the vcfo team was at our side as our CFO consulting firm. vcfo evaluated our situation and matched our needs with the right virtual CFO on their team. Our company was able to transition to new financial leadership without worry about everyday management reporting. Highly recommended by our attorneys and accountants as a premier CFO consulting firm, the vcfo team was a key component of our transition and our advancement.”

Mark Goldstein, President/CEO
Scott's Liquid Gold, Inc.

Isolux Ingenieria

“I was very impressed by our vcfo CFO and her approach to her work. She parachuted into our company as a virtual CFO during our start-up phase and was an integral part of achieving our first successful project and implementing the systems that enabled us to grow to over 100 employees within two years. She handles challenging and fast-changing situations very well, without losing sight of the goal and has excellent people skills. In addition to her CFO skill-set, her ability to operate in multiple languages was very valuable, especially since the company is a subsidiary of a company from Europe. Although she was an external consultant, she approached the role with the commitment of a full-time employee and did an excellent job of interfacing with our internal team, shareholders and other advisors. I would not hesitate to work with vcfo again.”

M. Max Yzaguirre, CEO, Chairman
he Yzaguirre Group LLC, Isolux Ingenieria USA, LLC

National Trauma Institute

“Making the decision to work with vcfo is one of the best decisions we have made—not only did we receive a far higher level of expertise and quality of service, the costs have been dramatically less than paying our own employee a full-time salary. Further, vcfo made immediate recommendations to lower operating expenses. vcfo is one of the top financial recruiting firms and is our future.”

Sharon Smith, Executive Director
National Trauma Institute


“vcfo has helped us out tremendously. From revenue models to financing decks, their work has always been done on time and done well.”

John Kembel, CEO


“I have known our contract CFO from vcfo for many years within professional circles. She was a tremendous help to us advising on the integration of foreign acquisitions. She is definitely on the short “go to” list when we have a need.”

Lynn Atchison, CFO

Austin Habitat for Humanity

“Thank you for matching us with Chris Nickels as our interim CFO. She has been a wonderful asset to the team and the board. Chris has lead our organization through several major projects and been an amazing support to our senior leadership team. We are grateful for Chris’ time with Austin Habitat for Humanity.”

Michele Anderson
CEO, Austin Habitat for Humanity