What Our Clients Say


“vcfo has been and continues to be great partner for our organization. At a time when several changes in the organization were being made, vcfo provided guidance as well as stability in the accounting and finance departments. As our relationship has evolved we have leveraged their experience and have them playing a leadership role in all of our executive initiatives.  The quality and integrity of their work is something that I have come to depend on.”

Ryan Bennett, CEO


“I have known our contract CFO from vcfo for many years within professional circles. She was a tremendous help to us advising on the integration of foreign acquisitions. She is definitely on the short “go to” list when we have a need.”

Lynn Atchison, CFO

Isolux Ingenieria

“I was very impressed by our vcfo CFO and her approach to her work. She parachuted into our company as a virtual CFO during our start-up phase and was an integral part of achieving our first successful project and implementing the systems that enabled us to grow to over 100 employees within two years. She handles challenging and fast-changing situations very well, without losing sight of the goal and has excellent people skills. In addition to her CFO skill-set, her ability to operate in multiple languages was very valuable, especially since the company is a subsidiary of a company from Europe. Although she was an external consultant, she approached the role with the commitment of a full-time employee and did an excellent job of interfacing with our internal team, shareholders and other advisors. I would not hesitate to work with vcfo again.”

M. Max Yzaguirre, CEO, Chairman
he Yzaguirre Group LLC, Isolux Ingenieria USA, LLC

BooKoo Beverages, Inc.

“We needed an experienced controller on an interim basis and vcfo delivered. They provided us with a very professional and highly qualified person who added value from day one. We couldn’t have asked for a better match!”

Steve Ruffini, CFO
BooKoo Beverages, Inc.


“We’ve used vcfo for a host of financial services over the years and they do nothing short of an amazing job. We feel so strongly about the vcfo team that we ask any company we invest in or are involved in to utilize their services.”

Mike Rosenfelt, Co-founder, Executive Vice President
MessageOne, Inc.

Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association (WBBA)

“WBBA has been a vcfo client since 2009, providing the professional day-to-day bookkeeping as well as expert advice at the controller and CFO level. Since WBBA does not require a full-time bookkeeper and accountant, the services provided by vcfo are invaluable. Professional, timely, thorough and willing to work through to ensure accuracy are key qualities of our vcfo team.”

Kathleen Poston, Director of Administration
Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association