Sell-Side Support

Being ready for an M&A transaction before you get the call is critical for a smooth process and can make a significant difference in the strength of your position in the negotiation process. vcfo assists companies who are targets for purchase or who desire to be targets of acquisitions to prepare for a seamless, efficient and optimally valued transaction.


vcfo uses our team of M&A experts with deep industry expertise to establish key areas of focus to manage the due diligence process as well as a smooth acquisition transition. We focus not only on financial infrastructure, reporting and controls, but also on value differentiators that affect final value. This process ensures that addressable issues are identified and resolved early, so as not to derail prospective acquirers or to put a client in a defensive negotiation position.

The vcfo team focuses on ensuring that the key value drivers of a transaction are identified, clear of issues and ready for a thorough due diligence process. Our process can make a significant difference in value for the selling shareholders and may help to reduce the amount of required reserves for financial, business or legal risks. Our approach includes a detailed significant focus on the numbers, as well as business and operational reviews.

Approach and Timing

vcfo assigns appropriate professionals to the client project based on background and experience. Team members may include CFOs, M&A experts, controllers and analysts.


A budget is agreed upon in advance for all engagements. Clients may change the scope or duration of a project depending upon the results of due diligence. vcfo adapts to the needs of the client and works with the client to review, in advance, changes in scope impacting the desired timeline.