Buy-Side Support

vcfo leverages professionals with deep industry knowledge to focus on key areas of interest to the acquirer. With our domain expertise, we provide a strong combination of financial, business and market insight to reveal potential issues, risks and opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.


As opposed to traditional financial due diligence checklist approaches, vcfo blends a strong technical review with a practical operational business perspective. This enables vcfo to identify the underlying key value drivers that are of interest to our clients such as inventory, customer contracts, compliance risk or projects in process. We tailor our approach to include both the numbers and the often more important operational reviews.

Approach and Timing

vcfo assigns appropriate professionals to the client project based on background and experience. Team members may include CFOs, M&A experts, controllers and analysts.


A budget is agreed upon in advance for all engagements. Clients may change the scope or duration of a project depending upon the results of due diligence. vcfo adapts to the needs of the client and works with the client to review, in advance, changes in scope impacting the desired timeline