Success Stories

Our finance consulting firm engagements are expansive. Read how we’ve helped businesses succeed.

Mentoring Support During Corporate Global Expansion

vcfo engaged with  an advertising production consultancy business to work on their broadcast and video production business. Headquartered in the U.S., this company had a strong European presence and was facing challenges with costly foreign currency transactions. At the time, most of their international client contracts were based on Euro and British Pound Sterling currency, which meant the company was charged exchange fees to convert to U.S. dollars and then convert back to foreign currency in order to pay contractors and other expenses.  Additionally, the company was a closely held organization that was rapidly expanding and in need of strategic guidance with setting up foreign subsidiaries, contractor and employee classification issues, key employee incentive programs and succession planning.  Read More

Transitioning Financial Leadership

Upon the resignation of the CFO, a marketing software and professional services company quickly needed an interim resource to cross-train with the previous CFO and fill in until a full-time CFO could be hired. A Consulting Senior Controller from vcfo was hired to backfill critical areas until the permanent resource was brought on board.  Read More

Evaluating Prospective Start-up Opportunity for Entrepreneur

Our client, a physician involved with various start-up companies, was evaluating a start-up opportunity and needed assistance analyzinga new business  and cash flow projections. He was looking for assistance from a CFO to develop a detailed three-year pro forma business plan for an alternative living facility, including employee and personnel needs, and other costs of running the business, the estimated funding needed to launch the business, as well as an actionable, yet viable, timeline for going live.  Read More

Assisting in Growth Management Planning

The owner of a strategic channel program and marketing company saw opportunities for exponential growth, but wanted to be cautious about the timing of hiring professional staff to meet those opportunities. The owner reached out to vcfo for senior-level financial support to help create a business analysis and cash flow projection to assist in growth management planning.  Read More

Restating Records for Non-Profit from Loss to Profit

One month before year-end, a non-profit charity had two key financial employees leave the company – the VP of finance and controller. While they had an accounting team, the company lacked the financial leadership and knowledge to close the books and complete an audit. Additionally, the CEO wanted to review their accounting system processes to identify areas of concern and implement efficient improvement. Read more

Technology Company Needing Financial Mentorship and Reporting

An innovative drug development and technology company engaged vcfo to review current reporting processes and structure, make recommendations for reporting improvements and ensure GAAP compliance. Serving in a mentorship capacity, vcfo deployed a Consulting CFO to work side-by-side with the company’s Director of Finance. Read more

Providing Structure for Successful Start-up

A start-up company, which provides an online database used by the oil and gas industry, was seeing great success. The company was managed by two creative entrepreneurs who had limited financial and operational accounting experience, but wanted to ensure they established a solid foundation for their company. Read more

Immediate Financial Assistance for Fast Growth Company

vcfo engaged with a mobile applications company that distributes rewards to users who interact with participating advertisers’ apps. At the time, the client was operating in a high growth-environment and deciding whether they should sell or go public on the Canadian Exchange. They had an immediate need to streamline their reporting and clean up their finances in preparation of an audit covering the past three years. Read more

Financial Integration Assistance for a Global Company

After acquiring a company in Brazil, our client needed senior-level assistance with the financial integration process. As they researched CFO solutions, they connected with a virtual CFO at vcfo with an international background in Brazilian and US GAAP, as well as due diligence processes. Read More

Supporting a Start-up with Financial, Recruiting and HR Solutions

We worked with a start-up company that was a joint venture between two worldwide leaders in electric transmission development in Canada and Spain. During the start-up phase, the board members and general counsel needed more than just CFO consulting and turned to vcfo to assist with their financial, human resources and recruiting requirements. Read More

Preparing a Company for Acquisition

A potential buyer needed to understand the true profitability and actual cash flow of the business they were targeting for acquisition. The existing records and methods were inadequate. The accounting transactions were not maintained on an accrual basis and typically were only reported when paid. Read More

Buyer Support for Acquisition

Austin Ventures engaged vcfo as a top financial consulting firm to assist them in the assessment of a potential acquisition. Being able to identify and value the assets and liabilities reported on the target company’s balance sheet was critical. The bank reconciliations were inaccurate and out of date, and none of the other balance sheet accounts were being reconciled. Read More

Implementing McLeod Loadmaster ERP System

vcfo worked with a trucking company that had purchased the McLeod Loadmaster ERP system, but had not yet begun implementation. The company was going through an acquisition and vcfo was already on the ground running the due diligence process and performing roles of a contract CFO and controller. Read More

Working with Development Stage and Rapid Growth Companies

vcfo works with many development stage and rapid growth companies with limited finance resources who look to financial consulting firms for support. Often these companies obtain new capital from outside investors, attain a banking relationship, manage internal growth, acquire other operations and sometimes are acquired. Read More

Assisting Company with Restating Financials to Get Loan Approval

A local bank contacted vcfo Seattle because one of their business clients, which had a high credit score and a long, positive credit history, had applied for an SBA loan. Unfortunately, there were problems with their loan application. Read More

Reducing Full-Time Headcount with Part-Time Support

A Seattle company came to vcfo concerned about the fit of their current outsourced controller. She was an individual consultant introduced to the company through their incumbent contract CFO, and both were working 40 hours per week. Read More

Providing Support to a Company Through Sales Transaction Process

vcfo was retained to support a client preparing to sell their business. The ownership had never experienced this type of a process, and as a result faced many challenges, including inconsistent financial records, regarding key components of the business. Additionally, the owners decided to keep the transaction confidential, and as such were not able to leverage any of the employees in the due diligence process. Read More

Helping a Company Resolve Shareholders’ Compensation

vcfo was retained by an architectural engineering firm who had structured a retirement program for three retiring shareholders. This program represented a fixed sum, payable over ten years as a deferred compensation arrangement under Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Service Code. After this program was instituted, the firm felt significant pressure to their earnings due to the economic downturn. It became clear that the existing retirement program was no longer sustainable. Read More

Financial Consulting for Long-term Client

When vcfo started a long-term relationship with a century-old Dallas-based restaurant company, the company had been using a part-time CFO consulting firm specific to the restaurant industry. They weren’t receiving the support they needed and looked for alternatives. Once onboard, the virtual CFO was tasked with heading up the reorganization of the finance department, developing financial and management reporting and assisting with their franchise program. Read More

Bringing Direction to Financial Reporting Systems

vcfo was referred by a strategic partner to a technology company seeking outside financial consulting firms to help them organize their financial records and reporting systems in preparation of an audit. Read More