Optimal Capital Structure Consulting

Defining your company’s capital requirements can be a complex process that you should entrust only to one of the most experienced financial consulting firms. Having worked with over 400 start-ups, vcfo is eminently qualified. The phrase “capital structure” can mean different things to different people. At its simplest, capital structure reflects the equity and debt of the company. A privately held company that plans to share equity with employees and raise outside capital generally has at least two classes of stock: common for founders and employees, and preferred for investors. A company has a finite amount of equity to exchange for the financial and talent resources necessary to execute your plan successfully. Great care should be taken when planning the allocation of equity. The experienced corporate finance consultants at vcfo can help you navigate the many elements of creating your capital structure.

Often we begin by creating a forward-looking financial forecast to assist in determining the required capital (financial and human) to support your business plans. We offer several specialized CFO advisory services, including tools, templates and data to assist in the process. Our experienced CFOs’ financial consulting services will likely include:

  • Determining the appropriate capital structure
  • Supporting the capital raise process, including financial pro forma development, managing due diligence and negotiating terms
  • Developing and implementing short- and long-term cash flow forecasting processes
    Optimizing working capital investments in accounts receivable and inventory
  • Negotiating appropriate debt facilities to leverage an equity raise