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Since opening the vcfo Houston office in 2009, we have experienced rapid growth, expanding our services to include an integrated array of HR, recruitment, finance and technology support.

The Houston team consists of CFOs, controllers, human resources professionals, CIOs, program managers and recruiters. Their backgrounds range across many local, regional and global industries, including oil and gas, biotechnology, software, manufacturing, IT, consumer lending, film, video, insurance, trucking, agricultural and others. Clients receive fresh insights from a highly-experienced team built specifically to address their organization’s needs.

Here are a few ways our finance, HR, recruiting and technology consultants can support your team in a strategic, operational and technical manner:

Services & Success Stories

Finance Solutions

Our CFO consultants and Senior Finance Executives have an average of 25 years of extensive financial and technical experience from a wide variety of backgrounds. Over the years, our corporate finance consultants have helped countless clients launch and grow their business, secure capital, handle due diligence, obtain resources and expertise for projects, secure transaction and post-transaction support and much more. In Houston and across the country, we're one of the top financial consulting firms. More Details

Client Success Story

Austin Ventures engaged vcfo to assist them in the assessment of a potential acquisition. Being able to identify and value the assets and liabilities reported on the target company’s balance sheet was critical. Read More

Human Resources Solutions

From the boardroom to the front lines, we work with all facets of your organization to align people with organizational success. Whether you are a start-up in need of quick help with human resources compliance or a public enterprise desiring additional interim HR bandwidth, our senior HR consultants partner with your executive team for strategic leadership, while simultaneously executing your HR objectives. Before you talk to other HR consulting firms, learn more about interim HR and HR outsourcing solutions.  More Details

Client Success Story

An international manufacturing company was faced with a fractured human resources department that lacked a companywide compensation and salary structure as well as a formalized recruiting and hiring process. In addition to guidance on HR policies and procedures, the company needed to ensure compliance surrounding the recruiting, hiring and payment of employees. Read More

Technology Solutions

Technology is critical to enabling companies to realize business value from information. From developing a strategic plan to performing an objective operational assessment to implementing IT programs—we provide a complete and comprehensive suite of technology solutions. Whether you’re in need of a CTO, IT director or program manager, our technology strategy consultants work collaboratively with your executive team to ensure the realization of business value from technology investment and initiatives. Read more

Recruiting Solutions

If your company is seeking qualified finance, accounting, human resources or technology professionals, vcfo’s recruiting division assists companies with acquiring, onboarding and retaining key employees. Due to our own deep core competency in these areas, we are able to produce quality candidates quickly and efficiently. From our work over nearly 20 years with thousands of thoroughly-scrutinized candidates, we have developed an evolved, complex operating model second to none, enabling our executive recruiters to match the right talent to fit your needs. More details

Blogs from Our Houston Team


Expense Planning: Understanding the Sensibility of Cash

Recently, vcfo hosted the webinar, “Expense Planning: Understanding the Sensibility of Cash.” Topics included expense characteristics, where to find expenses, expense types and planning methodologies.


Top 5 Benefits of Using Fractional CIO Consultants

Many businesses have come to realize the value in aligning business objectives with technology strategies. However, this can be difficult without the strategic expertise of a CIO. This blog outlines five benefits companies see when utilizing the services of fractional CIO consultants.


Reduce HR Risks Through Employment Compliance

HR related risks, particularly those surrounding employment laws and compliance, can lead to serious repercussions for your company. Senior Human Resources Consultant Melissa discusses how to minimize your company's risk by ensuring legal compliance for employees.


Demystifying the Balance Sheet

When it comes to painting the picture of a company’s financial condition, revenue and earnings are just part of the picture. Often referred to as a snapshot of a company’s health, the balance sheet discloses what an entity owns or controls, what it owes and what the owners’ claims are at a specific point in time.