What Our Austin Clients Say

The Albert Companies

"We went through a major business transaction that we couldn't’t have done without the vcfo team. They played a key role in driving The Albert Companies to our best year in revenue and profits."

Bobby Albert, CEO
The Albert Companies


"As a new government contractor, we needed to set up new accounting processes and implement special financial reporting to meet the requirements for all government contractors. vcfo set up the new processes, designed an efficient chart of accounts and consistently has prepared timely financial reports for both management and governmental purposes. vcfo has been a great part of our team."

Pat Motola, President and CEO

Crossroads Systems, Inc.

"They consistently supplied qualified candidates for any requirements we’ve given them, understanding not only the technical piece, but also the intangibles that only established recruiting professionals can identify. Having utilized them as both a job seeker and as a customer, I would recommend them to anyone looking at recruiting firms for assistance with their search for employment, or an organization looking for assistance filling difficult requirements."

Joshua N. McCord, Senior Corporate Recruiter
Crossroads Systems, Inc.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

"I enjoy working with them because they truly make my life easier as a recruiter. They provide a high level of service and make you feel valued as a client. No role is too difficult to fill. The team worked tirelessly on a role, no matter how hard the spec is, even when other agencies have given up. Their dedication and commitment to us has made them our most successful tech recruiting firm this year."

Sara Davies, Senior Associate, Recruiting
Dimensional Fund Advisor

Herd Partners

"In just a few months, our virtual CFO and vcfo made a tremendous impact on the efficiency and productivity of our office. Virtual CFO consulting helped us with the elimination of redundant job functions, improvement in the speed of key processes through technological upgrades and training, and a complete benefits realignment. All of this has resulted in less time wasted, dollars saved, and a more focused team."

Jason Herd, Partner
Herd Partners


"I have known our CFO consultant from vcfo for many years within professional circles. She was a tremendous help to us advising on the integration of foreign acquisitions. She is definitely on the short 'go to' list when we have a need."

Lynn Atchison, CFO

Hospital Healthkeeping Systems

“My company has a growth pattern that frequently out paces our existing resources. When this occurs, vcfo has been able to provide an appropriate resource with the experience necessary to supplement my staff.  They are able to respond in a very timely manner, thereby enabling us to stay ahead of the growth curve.”

Debra Dowden, EVP of Accounting
Hospital Healthkeeping Systems (HHS)

Isolux Ingenieria

"I was very impressed by our vcfo CFO and her approach to her work. She parachuted into our company as a virtual CFO during our start-up phase and was an integral part of achieving our first successful project and implementing the systems that enabled us to grow to over 100 employees within two years. She handles challenging and fast-changing situations very well, without losing sight of the goal...and has excellent people skills. In addition to her CFO skill-set, her ability to operate in multiple languages was very valuable, especially since the company is a subsidiary of a company from Europe. Although she was an external consultant, she approached the role with the commitment of a full-time employee and did an excellent job of interfacing with our internal team, shareholders and other advisors. I would not hesitate to work with vcfo again."

M. Max Yzaguirre,
CEO, The Yzaguirre Group, LLC
Chairman, Isolux Ingenieria USA, LLC

Jones Lange LaSalle

"vcfo brings competent, seasoned expertise to the table, enabling us to save time and money on accounting issues, as well as benefit issues."

Diana M. Holford, Managing Director
Jones Lang LaSalle

Living Direct, Inc.

"As a business owner, it has been imperative to partner with great people and partners to grow our business. During a time of incredibly rapid growth, we depended on the expertise and guidance provided by vhr relating to an array of HR matters. We gained access to expert advice at a reasonable variable cost relative to bringing on a full time HR professional which allowed us to focus on growing our business. We continue to thrive in large part due to the assistance of vhr in putting great people programs, processes and policies in place. Looking back, bringing vhr in for interim HR consulting was one of the best decisions we ever made."

Rick Lundbom, CEO
Living Direct, Inc.


"vcfo helped us navigate setting up a subsidiary in Germany including completion of the complex registration process with multiple taxing authorities. The business and language skills of our outsourced CFO were invaluable to us in completing the process timely. With her guidance we set up a process to timely file estimated taxes electronically."

Jayne Walters, CFO


"We've used vcfo for a host of financial consulting firm services over the years and they do nothing short of an amazing job. We feel so strongly about the vcfo team that we ask any company we invest in or are involved in to utilize their services."

Mike Rosenfelt, Co-founder/Executive Vice President
MessageOne, Inc

National Trauma Institute

"Making the decision to work with vcfo is one of the best decisions we have made—not only did we receive a far higher level of expertise and quality of service, the costs have been dramatically less than paying our own employee a full-time salary. Further, vcfo made immediate recommendations to lower operating expenses. vcfo is one of the top financial recruiting firms and is our future."

Sharon Smith, Executive Director
National Trauma Institute


"We were experiencing significant growth, but weren’t ready to commit to a full-time HR department. vhr provided the perfect solution—we continue to benefit from their deep human resources experience, while paying for only what we need."

Bob Renneker, CEO/President


"I have NO words to properly articulate my gratitude for vcfo and what an asset they have been. vcfo pointed out a significant blind spot on the pricing tiers that will not only transform my business, but impact me personally. I’m grateful to not only have found an effective accountant, but truly… a new friend. I am very appreciative for vcfo’s tireless commitment to helping me inspire a cultural change to better protect our girls and better educate our young men. There is no “business” without vcfo."

Alexis Jones, Founder & CEO
ProtectHer & I AM THAT GIRL


"vcfo has been and continues to be great partner for our organization. At a time when several changes in the organization were being made, vcfo provided guidance as well as stability in the accounting and finance departments. As our relationship has evolved we have leveraged their experience and have them playing a leadership role in all of our executive initiatives.  The quality and integrity of their work is something that I have come to depend on."

Ryan Bennett, CEO

Spiceworks, Inc.

"I rely on knowing experts, like the team at vcfo. They've always been very up-front and keep the best interests of my business in mind."

Scott Abel, CEO
Spiceworks, Inc.

Wind Energy Transmission of Texas (WETT)

"Initially WETT had no local presence with Board members and shareholders located in Canada, Spain and the northeastern U.S. We brought in vhr and vcfo consultants during the initial company start-up in 2009 to assist in establishing that local presence. They took the lead in physically setting up our office, from identifying the office space to helping with the IT setup. vhr helped establish and administer benefit plans, created employee policies and practices, set up and processed payroll, provided compensation program recommendations and developed onboarding and performance management systems. As the permanent WETT team was developed, vcfo consultants worked on-site with our teams to organize the financial policies and controls, select tax advisors and auditors and open bank accounts, among other crucial details needed for any new business. Even though we are now at full staff, they continue to provide ongoing interim HR and financial support (as they have since the company opened) and are an invaluable resource for us as we’ve grown the business."

Wayne Morton, General Manager
Wind Energy Transmission of Texas(WETT)