Why a Strategic, Not Reactive, Recruiting Approach Works for Us and Can Benefit You in 2017

In life and in work, strategic planning and preparation can go a long way. As a provider of recruitment services for a variety of client types, my team and I serve a range of diverse placement needs throughout the year at vcfo. While last-minute recruiting is sometimes necessary, we urge clients to develop a flexible hiring plan in the interim, to ensure they find the right candidate—not simply the first available—for the long term. We’ve adopted a unique, hands-on recruiting model that promotes a consultative approach with our clients and allows us to address their individual staffing needs.

The key to developing a successful hiring plan lies in adopting a strategic, rather than reactive, approach. Helping clients to make projections and plan accordingly is among our signature. When new hires are needed, even if due to an unforeseen event, planning ahead will yield well-matched, highly qualified candidates and keep workflow running smoothly within your organization.

As we close 2016 and prepare to begin a new year, we’re presented with the ideal opportunity to create a focused hiring plan and start putting it into action. But how does one go about addressing the finer points of this process? Here, we prioritize the most critical needs of a prospective end-of-year plan:

Assess Needs

Sounds simple enough, however this may present a challenge for some, particularly if your hiring needs include highly specialized roles and/or require unique criteria. Many clients need our help in this phase of the hiring process. Understanding the client profile in each role is key. Our recruiting team is adept at working alongside clients to assess needs through an in-depth discovery process, allowing us to understand your specific needs for interim or direct-hire placement.

Keep-Up the Year-End Plan

Once you have begun building your hiring plan, you may find that it is both a source of structure and also a “living” document, requiring flexibility and adjustments as needs change. Though updates may be required, it is a good idea to choose a yearly cut-off date to re-evaluate your hiring needs for the upcoming year and plug them into the plan.

Adapt Internal Resources to Year-End Plan

Adapting your internal resources involves mapping an allocation plan to ensure you have sufficient human resources to complete year-end activities efficiently and effectively.  Consider delegating such resources, as needed, to any projects that might help improve accuracy and streamline the end-of-year process for your business. Where there are potential gaps in your internal resources, you may want to seek out financial consulting firms or external contractors to provide professional interim support.

Identify Gaps

Identifying gaps is crucial to finding the right talent to fill those holes. While a client may know they are lacking human resources within a particular function of their business, they may not take the time to evaluate what the ideal candidate should look like. This can potentially lead to hiring the wrong candidate for a particular job, or seeking a short-term solution for a long-term position. Our recruiting team can help clients realize the unique candidate profile for each position, ultimately matching the client with the right interim or long-term talent to suit their individual needs.

Next Steps

Looking ahead to 2017, aligning your hiring plan to your growth plan is another essential consideration in the process of building your business and its human resources in the New Year. As part of your strategic planning for prospective recruitment needs over the next 12 months, be sure to factor in any major changes that may impact growth and thereby affect staffing needs. For example, are you planning to expand your sales department next year? Will you need to recruit a comprehensive technology team for your new company website? Barring unforeseen staffing changes in 2017, if your organization is expecting to meet or exceed quarterly expectations and assumes even the remote possibility of hiring additional recruits, those needs for should be worked into your plan.

Recruiting services at vcfo are designed around an individualized, consultative approach. In many cases, we work alongside clients in the initial phase of the recruiting process to assess hiring needs and identify key criteria for potential candidates in various roles within their organization. The true value of the services we provide centers on our exclusive vcfo model, leveraging our decades of expertise in building personal client relationships, placing qualified candidates and providing hands-on support to set ourselves apart in the industry. Specializing in finance and C-Suite recruiting, as well as talent resourcing, vcfo solutions are always customized to ma