What’s Trending for Job Searchers

What’s Trending for Job Searchers

Whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s paradise, the move to finding your career path or moving it forward starts with internet access. While word of mouth and referrals can get you in the door, online research can improve your interview experience. Knowing more about the company, understanding their culture and priorities makes you a more informed, prepared and preferred candidate. Doing your homework online is a smart pre-interview investment of your time.

new survey is revealing some interesting data about how we’re searching for jobs this year and likely into the future. The trends are clear: digital career searching is the way to go for almost all seekers.

Courtesy of: Job Board Doctor


Where to Look?
Job Boards are the first stop for most candidates – with over 88% of seekers finding openings on the main career sites. But most candidates skirt the job board’s application process and move straight to the company website to apply.

Social Media is another source for contenders, but profession-oriented sites like LinkedIn are the preferred choice, leaving Facebook and other social sites trailing far behind.

Job Search Engines draw over 70% of contenders with their wide reach. While Job Boards post specific (generally prepaid) ads from employers, Job Search Engines scour the web for postings from Boards, professional organizations, company websites and more. The amount of results they cull can be overwhelming, and candidates frequently find they’re not as current as Boards, but they are a large resource not to be overlooked.

While most people report searching for jobs on their smartphone, they rarely use it to apply. Whether it’s worry about formatting issues, or wanting to get a more detailed look at the posting, most find using their main computer to apply is a smarter choice.

It’s Who You Know
While personal referrals are a great way to get a foot in the door, it’s not necessarily which individual you know, but which organizations you know. If you’re looking for a job in Human Resources, you know you need to look at the SHRM website for postings. Whatever profession you’re in, there are sure to be magazines, associations, and information sites that can lead you to a career.

A press release about a company expansion can guide you to a potential opportunity. News about a new firm breaking ground or applying new technology can be a source to explore. Just researching what’s going on in your industry can blaze a trail that leads you to a corner office.  All done with ease from your laptop and living room.

How Long Does it Take?
On average in a normal economy, the rule of thumb is plan on one month of searching for every $10,000.00 you hope to earn. Does that mean lowering your standards to shorten your search? Possibly. For many employers someone who is currently employed (even underemployed) is a more attractive hire. It’s up to each candidate to decide whether taking what’s available while you wait to land your dream is the right choice.

Whether you’re looking for a first job, a new job, or a better job, online is the way to enhance your search and your chances of finding the right job.