Urgency in the recruiting process

Is it truly urgent that you fill your firm’s current job openings? If so, are your hiring processes designed to manage this urgency so that you successfully land the coveted candidates that are in the greatest demand?

We are in a very competitive recruiting world for highly-sought-after, skilled candidates and only those prepared to move quickly will be successful in hiring them. Too many times I have spoken to frustrated companies who have had a bad experience where one or more candidates were not available after their hiring process ran its course.

My message to my clients is always this: set yourself up for success by addressing your sense of urgency upfront in the recruiting planning stages. In recruiting, success or failure happens during these critical stages. Companies who do not plan adequately inevitably have a very frustrating experience, taking much longer than expected and ultimately resulting in a less than perfect outcome.

This is why when a client tells me that they are urgent to fill a hiring need, the first thing we do is define exactly what that means and consult with them on their process.

So what does urgency mean to you and your firm?