Top Blogs of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, we’re taking a look at some of our most popular blogs from the past year. Whether you’ve read them before or are seeing them for the first time, we hope that vcfo has provided you with knowledgeable, informative content, and we look forward to continuing to share our financial, HR and recruiting expertise with you in 2015.



Hiring Experienced Employees: The Quantity vs. Quality Debate

When interviewing a candidate, what’s more important: the tenure of the previous jobs or the quality of work accomplished? Often, multiple, short-term positions can imply a lack of focus or an inability to complete long-term projects; however, in contrast, a candidate with a few lengthy positions may not have been exposed to a wide array of tasks and skills. According to a veteran recruiter, experience should consider three elements: time, quality and intensity. Read more


The Power of Strong Internal Communications

While it can often be seen as a thorn in a company’s side, internal communication is vital to success, particularly for businesses with dispersed offices or those that lack a true “home base.” But how do you go from an external, client-facing focus to one that concentrates on the internal team? This article outlines what good communication looks like, as well as how to introduce an effective internal communication strategy to your company. Read more


Ranking Your Employees: Use a Little More Science, a Little Less Art

Can you run a truly competitive business without an employee performance assessment in place? While some believe it’s the only way, others see employee rankings and assessments as punitive and destructive to company culture and morale. To avoid discrepancies and inconsistencies in the process, Senior HR Consultant Amy Thrall suggests using a method for employee assessments that is standardized, objective and quantifiable. Read more
Seven Common Mistakes in Strategic Planning

As a CFO with extensive experience working with financial consulting firms, vcfo’s Carter Freeman has been engaged in many strategic planning sessions and seen first-hand the errors leaders make. Here, he walks through seven common mistakes made in strategic planning, and how to get the most out of these types of planning sessions. Read more


The Foundation of Operations: Building a Strong Team and Mentoring its Growth

Mike Wilfley, vcfo’s COO, knows a thing or two about strong leadership and creating synergy within a company. When it comes to developing productive teams and managing them, operations comes down to two vital tasks: establishing a foundation comprised of intelligent, highly qualified employees, and managing their skillsets by encouraging growth and exploration to drive the company’s overalls goals.