The Platinum Rule of Hiring

OK, so I changed it from Golden Rule to Platinum Rule because I feel this is one of the most valuable aspects of hiring…STOP TALKING!

How many times have you gone into an interview and the interviewer did most of the talking? Telling you all about every great aspect of the company, the position, the team, etc. Who is selling who here?

To learn about a candidate, be quiet and let them do the talking. We have a rule around here that if you don’t allow the candidate to talk for at least 20 minutes straight, you won’t get to know what they are really about, both good and bad. Everyone can fill 5 or 10 minutes with “surface talk.” But, if allowed to talk for a while, they’ll share their passions and so much more. It is far too easy to take charge of the interview. After all, you’re a hiring manager and that’s your normal role, which makes it even more difficult for most people. This is where it helps to act more like a counselor than a manager – let him tell you as much as he can for as long as he can. Anyone can check out websites, blogs, brochures, and a host of other resources to find out all about your company. They don’t need that information regurgitated from you. So, let them talk and talk and talk. You’ll find out a lot more about the real person, and substantially increase your odds of making the right hire.