Recruiters vs. Job Boards

In today’s market, everyone is looking at ways to cut costs. Many companies see keeping recruiting in-house to be a manageable way to reduce spending. It’s simple, right? Just go ahead and plug in a job description to Monster, Craigslist or CareerBuilder, and voila, you’re instantly overwhelmed with résumés  from experienced, qualified people from which to choose. Who needs a recruiter when it’s this easy to find people on your own? When you are sorting through the hundreds and sometimes thousands of “qualified candidates,” you will quickly appreciate the value of a recruiter. Recruiters offer much more to clients than just talking with people before you meet them. Below are some reasons why hiring a recruiter is more useful than simply logging into the job boards to find a specific candidate.

  1. A professional recruiter (whether it’s a finance recruiter, tech recruiter, executive recruiter, etc.) has vetted people in mind who fit the description of the role you’re trying to fill. If not your perfect hire, they’ll most likely know someone that is. A recruiter is already one leg up in the search at that point.
  2. The résumé websites typically contain people that are actively looking for new roles and are available to anyone with a subscription to view and reach out to. In other words, they’re less exclusive. A recruiter’s role is to find those people that are more passive in their searches for new jobs through networking, maintaining relationships and sometimes making over 100 cold calls just to talk with one qualified person. A recruiter will locate that hard-to-find, skilled employee that doesn’t need to advertise their experience online.
  3. Unless your hiring manager isn’t very busy, there is a good chance that there will be precious little time for them to go hunting online themselves, meaning someone else will have to do that for them. Extra internal recruiters cost money in several ways like salary, benefits, training, payroll tax, etc., whereas a recruiting firm can find you the person/people you seek and move on until called upon again at no extra cost to your company.
  4. Sometimes, a growing company is in need of a large amount of new employees in a relatively short period of time, causing panic of hiring an entire recruiting team to fill all of the different needs of all of the different departments quickly. An RPO (recruiting process outsourcing) company can take on the entire recruiting process for your company and usually only hold contracts for a year, once again, with no cost afterward. Your entire team has been expanded and you’re not stuck with 5-10 employees whose work has greatly diminished and who still require base salaries and benefits.
  5. Monster, CareerBuilder nor the Ladders offer any type of guarantee on the people you find on their sites. It’s ‘buyer beware’ at that point. With most reputable recruiting firms, you’re typically offered a 60-90 day replacement or reduced-fee guarantee on people you hire, giving peace of mind.

All in all, there are several benefits to utilizing a skilled recruiter over purchasing a job board subscription and rolling the dice on filling your positions with qualified employees that will actually last. It’s a smart business move.