Overcome the Toughest Tech Recruiting Challenges

For anyone who has recently attempted to hire someone in the technology or  IT fields, you likely have experienced one or, in many cases, more challenges. As a  leader  for a recruiting firm that hires for tech and IT positions for companies, my team and I have come up against some difficult obstacles—from a small or under-qualified candidate pool to unrealistic salary requirements to a miss-match between the candidate and company culture.

However, regardless of the challenge at hand, the ultimate goal is to hire the optimal candidate for the position. But how do you overcome these deal-breaker hiring obstacles?

Here are some useful ideas to overcome hiring challenges to source, develop and retain top tech talent in your company:

Develop a Strong Candidate Pool (Source Talent)

1. Get the word out by networking, developing referral channels and advertising at local events
2. Do your research to find out where today’s candidates are meeting.  Stay in touch and dialed in to access this pool of individuals. Stay organized by developing or acquiring a system (MS Excel?) that allows you to manage your pipeline of candidates. Keep these individuals warm and interested in your company through constant communication.

Develop a Talented Recruiting Team

1. Identify the training needs and desires of your team, and ensure that they have access to these resources and knowledge.
2. Provide a roadmap to enable your team to achieve their training needs and goals.
3. Check in with your team regularly to gauge individual progress.

Retain Talent

1. Foster an environment of direct communication, such as by conducting regular one-on-one meetings and providing anonymous team surveys. Employees want to believe they are heard.
2. Company culture can be one of the key reasons candidates leave companies.  If the culture is not positive, your company could become a recruiting target.
3. Outline a clear path for career advancement and opportunities within your company. If a company is too small and few higher-level opportunities are available, candidates with large career aspirations may be a mismatch, leading to high turnover.

Partner with Successful Recruiting Firms

1. If your budget allows it, identify and partner with successful local recruiting firms. They make it their business to maintain a strong candidate pipeline.
2. Partnering with strong recruiting firms can also help with retention. These firms will be recruiting for your organization and not from your organization.

Currently, with a shortage of candidates for technology and IT positions in one of the fastest-growing job categories, recruiting top talent is no easy feat. Not only do you need to identify these high-quality candidates, but it’s important to continue to support the development and retention for those in these types of roles. Once you finally find that candidate that meets all of your needs—technical experience, salary range, qualifications and culture—don’t make the mistake of having to start your candidate search all over again.