It’s All About the Networking

It doesn’t seem like a day goes by where I hear this comment from a candidate, “I sent in my resume and I felt I was pretty qualified, but I didn’t hear a thing back. Not even a rejection letter.”

This is all too common today to have candidates send in a resume only for it to find its way into the “black hole” of resumes. There are probably a whole host of reasons why this happens, including an economy that is “candidate rich”, less hiring, more specific needs, companies being more selective, etc. There is no question that the hiring practices we have been experiencing in the past few years are completely different from anything we have ever experienced before. The recruiting firms are seeing this happen more and more. Anyone else feel the same way?

This is a very frustrating experience and always leaves the candidate wondering why they never received a call, or even an e-mail (rejection letters are almost non-existent today because of the time and cost to produce and mail). To anyone in this situation, I always offer them one piece of advice – DO NOT APPLY FOR JOBS. I know this sounds odd coming from recruiting firms, and may also be a bit of a controversial statement to many of you.

To give you a quick statistic, the bottom line is that 90% of all applicants who apply to a job never even receive one glance. So how do you get around this? One word – NETWORKING! In today’s market, if you are going to be effective at finding a position, either on your own or through the assistance of a search/recruiting firm, you MUST get out there and NETWORK. This is what recruiters view as a key asset. Why? Because this is ALL they do.

As a candidate, you can do this as well. Get out there and make it happen. Go to seminars, go to social gatherings, go to industry meetings and go to alumni gatherings. Always be looking for more opportunities to network with people of interest to you from a hiring or referral perspective. You never know who you will meet, and you should be very open to meeting a lot of people. Just understand that this is a process and will probably not produce immediate results… On the other hand, you will be amazed by how your networking will pay off over time if you do this consistently.

So GET OUT THERE and have fun with it!