How do companies retain top employees?

Companies offer all types of perks and incentives striving for their names to appear on the coveted “Best Places to Work” list. But in the end, they often still suffer from poor retention. Employee retention saves time, money and energy, so obviously it’s an important consideration when hiring new employees. It is a great honor for a company to achieve a “Best Places to Work” award; however companies without such status successfully still retain key employees every day. How?

Retention starts with recruiting. It’s crucial to follow these few key points when recruiting potential candidates:

  • Screen beyond the job specifications to see if there’s a true match
  • Discover what type of corporate background  the candidate prefers and is accustomed to
  • Ask why they left their former position or are willing to

These are just a few very important things to consider when determining the true match between the right candidate and the right company. Too often, recruiting firms look for a person based solely on qualifications. Though these are undoubtedly a big part of the whole picture, weighing in on the cultural fit and workplace compatibility of the candidate is essential.

Some of my best clients might not have made the highly sought-after best employer’s list. However, they have happy, longtime and fulfilled employees. This is the result of meticulously matching the corporate background with the individual’s background.

All companies can successfully achieve and maintain reasonable retention. Recruiting is a very strong driver of retention – arguably the strongest.