Great Internal Systems = Reduced Risk = Proactive HR & Accounting Departments

When was the last time you took a good look at your internal software systems? As a human resources consultant, I frequently talk to companies that say they are not happy with their current payroll or HRIS (Human Resource Information System). They complain about:

  • no reporting or insufficient reporting,
  • too much time spent on data entry,
  • multi-state tax reporting problems,
  • complicated expense reporting processes,
  • payroll errors,
  • 401(k) compliance issues,
  • bad PTO tracking,
  • overtime issues and
  • money lost on benefits enrollments/cancellation.

When I ask why they aren’t making a change to a new system, the standard answer is “we probably should, but we are horrified to go through a new software implementation because of the significant difficulties we experienced the last time we did it.”

In very recent years, payroll/HRIS providers have become smarter and savvier when it comes to their online systems and implementations. Companies are switching platforms within weeks instead of months. Now, because of technological advances, payroll/HRIS systems are talking to accounting systems and updating them automatically. Imagine a world where your HR and accounting departments are actually spending time on proactive and strategic work that directly impacts the company’s goals and objectives and little, if any, time on:

  • fixing system errors,
  • reentering data in multiple systems,
  • manually generating and manipulating reports,
  • responding to admin-related employee inquiries and
  • dealing with internal process workarounds to get requested information to employees, managers, benefit carriers and government entities.

It really is a very satisfying feeling when we walk companies through this process and demonstrate the significant money they save through better reporting, employee satisfaction and reduced risk of violating Department of Labor or IRS laws.

It may be time to rethink how your internal software systems are working. Are they slowing your company down, preventing the talented people in your HR and accounting departments from being proactive and impacting your company’s bottom line? If so, it just may be the perfect time to upgrade and revamp those systems. Our vhr HR Consultants can help you with this process.