Celebrating 20 Years of Service

As CEO and founder, I’ve had the opportunity to watch vcfo grow throughout its 20-year history. Over the years, we’ve worked with more than 3,000 clients of various industry segments, sizes, life cycles and locations. While our original core offering was fractional or part-time CFO solutions for small, start-up or emerging businesses, we’ve grown just as our client base has.

The original vision was to enable companies that could not afford full-time senior-level expertise to access it when they needed it, especially for advice when making key and sometimes irrevocable decisions. We built a business based on integrity, honest communication, accountability and a dedication to taking exceptional care of our clients. We view every client as if their company was our own and make decisions from that perspective.

Over the past 20 years, we have evolved our service offerings and geographical footprint to meet new industry and market needs—expanding what we offer, the value we provide and the way we deliver it. Through our employee team of senior-level executives, we work together on a fractional week basis, enabling each client to utilize the level of support they need when they need it.

However, even through growth and expansion our ultimate mission has remained the same: to make companies stronger. We do this by providing professional consulting and an integrated suite of finance, HR, technology and recruiting support, including outsourcing and consulting solutions that improve operational performance and optimize productivity.

Here’s how vcfo makes companies stronger:

Early Stage Companies
Our early stage clients often don’t yet have a complete understanding of what the funding process will mean for the founders and the company itself. We help our founders look at a dilution of ownership schedule associated with equity requirements for projected funding and key hires to help them see the types of tradeoffs they will be making and plan comprehensively for the impact before they get too far into it. Being prepared for equity discussions and understanding the motivations of all parties is critical to setting up a successful new company.

Mid-stage Companies
Our mid-stage clients often find us as a result of a crisis. It could be a positive one with fast growth, outstretching their ability to keep up with required cash flow. Or, they may be faced with an opportunity they can’t finance. Helping our companies get an accurate forecast in place that supports discussions with the right debt or equity financing resources can be a make or break type event for the company. Other times we meet them in crisis, facing a radical restructuring only to emerge on the other side a stronger and more viable company. Our team has been through this type of exercise numerous times. We help cut through the emotion to develop and lead teams through what has to be done.  Most of our clients remain clients for an extended period of time with our CFO serving as their strategic resource.

Mature Companies
Our more mature companies may be facing a desire to hand the company to another generation of family or employees. We help all parties understand the drivers and levers available to them and assist through a smooth transition that accomplishes the goals of all parties. Others are looking to continued growth through acquisition. Acquisition is complicated and 8 out of 10 are defined as failing to achieve the objectives. Our team is excellent at delivering a coordinated due diligence initiative with seamless cooperation between our vHR, vTalent, vcfo Finance & Accounting (F&A) and vtechnology practices. For those opportunities that make it through due diligence, we make the transaction as smooth as possible. We develop the integration plan and assist client staff on both sides of the transaction, optimizing the chances of long-term success.

As exciting as these past 20 years have been, I look forward to seeing vcfo make companies stronger over the next 20 years. If your company—big or small—is seeking assistance in the areas of finance, human resources, technology or recruiting, I urge you to reach out to me for more information. Please call 512-450-6550 or email ewood@vcfo.com.


Ellen Wood is Founder and CEO of vcfo.